It all starts with a conversation

During a 30 minute briefing where I ask you a few questions about your business, your vision, your message, I will draw up your requirements for the support I can offer you. You will receive your adjusted quote as well as the summary of our exchange by email. Then, I brainstorm these ideas and create a mood board with all the inspirations that will help me create your project.

  • Start offer

      Logotype 1 proposal
    • mini graphic charter

    à partir de

    1000€ HT

  • Premium offer

      Logotype 2 to 3 proposals
    • Visual environment
    • Graphic chart

    à partir de

    1600€ HT

  • VIP Offer

      Logotype 2 to 3 proposals
    • Visual environment
    • Graphic chart
    • 3 graphic variations included

    à partir de

    2200€ HT

VIP Offer

You walk away with it:
  • vip_offer_package_list

Premium offer

You walk away with it:
  • une identité visuelle à votre image.
  • une charte graphique qui vous aidera à garder l'harmonie de votre marque.
  • un dossier avec tous les éléments de votre logo (monochrome, couleur, RVB, CMJN, vectoriel et jpg), tous les éléments de votre identité visuelle prêts à être utilisés, votre charte graphique.

Start offer

You walk away with it:
  • start_offer_package_list

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Etape 2




Etape 3




Etape 1

The logo

Your logo allows you to be quickly identified by your target

- 2 à 3 propositions graphiques en adéquation avec le brief établi
- 2 sessions de corrections pour la création de votre logo
-> L'idée est de trouver la meilleure façon de communiquer sur votre projet, que votre cible identifie rapidement votre message et vos missions.
Nous finalisions votre logo et une fois que les formes et couleurs sont validées, nous pouvons passer à l'étape 2.
-> Livraison du logo exploitable sur tous supports (.ai, .png, .jpg, ...)

Etape 2

The visual environment

The visual environment allows you to give a framework to your logo, to give it life

- 2 proposals for graphic environments in line with the logo validated beforehand (photographs, illustrations, abstract forms, etc.)
- 1 correction session for the creation of your visual environment
-> At this stage, we provide a graphic framework for the environment in which your identity will live. We define the colours to be used, the shapes, the typographies to be used as well as the principles of composition. We finalise your visual environment.
-> Delivery of the principles of composition and shapes created for use in HD of your graphic elements.

Etape 3

Graphic charter

The graphic charter serves as a guide for your communication and for your service providers

- Creation of a document that sets out all the rules for using your logo and visual environment in your communication strategy.
- We indicate all the elements defined in step 2.
-> At this stage, the work is finished, you have all the tools in hand to use your logo in your communication.
-> Delivery of the summary document in .pdf format to be kept carefully.

Etape 1




Etape 2




Etape 3




The secret ingredients for a great collaboration:
curiosity, challenge and the mission to move the lines.