I help entrepreneurs to add colour and meaning to their visual identity. I help them make visual choices based on their market, their target and their message so that they can be proud of their brand.


Visual identity

The visual identity of your brand contains your logotype, the environment in which it lives and the graphic charter that governs its use.


I create your illustrations in a sensitive and poetic style. Going from portrait to landscape, I explore various subjects.

Éco conception

Graphic design as a tool to shape your next brand image, this discipline helps me create compositions that will give visibility to your project.

Ils me font confiance
  • cce
  • my moojo
  • sprinback
  • crédit agricole
  • algosource
  • grade
  • naval
  • edf
  • rexel
  • krys group
  • laligne

A propos

Creator of strong visual identities, I am always looking for new territories of expression. Passionate about graphic design, typography and beautiful paper, I founded Desigraphe, as a personal response to a need for exploration and experimentation

Curious and handy since childhood, new challenges do not scare me, quite the contrary. The world is changing, evolving, more responsible companies are emerging and I have the pleasure of bringing them my expertise and my advice to create an impactful visual identity.


Let’s work together!
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